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Access up-to 200% of your cumulative contributions to grow your business, start up idea, sme, mme, etc. No paperwork, no embarrassment, just 2% monthly interest.

Get money within 48 hours

No collateral required

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Rock Membership

This is the highest membership category in the cooperative. As a Diamond member, you enjoy all the benefits that other membership categories enjoy. You are coming in as a business member and as such want the cooperative to support your business as at when needed and requested by you. You get interest on whatever deposit you have with the cooperative. You can request your deposit any time and get it within 24hrs. As you service your account with the cooperative, over a period of 3 months you can qualify for business loan to expand your business.


Loan Procedure

To qualify for loan under the Rock Membership, you must have a running business no matter how small and you must run the business through the cooperative for a minimum of 3 months. When you request a loan online or through our field representatives, the field rep. will assess your business and base on the turnover from your account with the cooperative, the amount of loan you qualify for will be calculated. That will be the maximum amount you can get as a loan. The security for your loan is your business. The monthly interest is negotiable depending on the average profit you are making on your products. The interest can be as low as 2% for petty business and can be as high as 10% for contracts, but always negotiable. Although interest are rated per month, they are further prorated into the number of days the loan stays with you. Our loans stays out for a maximum of 1 year after which they may be rolled over depending on the circumstances and determined by management.

How to Register
for Loan

Registration is Free Online. You can register yourself online from the cooperative website 'create account' login or you can be assisted by filling a free hard copy form. Upon successful registration, a unique membership account number is assigned to you. You can then activate your account yourself via your email confirmation page and then you are considered a full member of the cooperative. Fund your account for Savings plan or Investment plan, you can only be elegible for loan once you have a plan running on the platform upto 6 months, upon that you can request for loan with 200% of your cumulative contributions.


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You can save or invest as little as N1000 daily in your wallet and watch your savings grow with our per deposit interest as a member.

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