What we

Join Generational Wealth Rock Builder

MAProvest Cooperative is here to build wealth saving habits to the current system by creating easy and fair saving plans that would be favorable to our members. Earn 1% Daily of your Savings or Investments after 3months of memberships. MAProvest co-operative society whose aim is to securely manage members deposits, give interest on members monthly, give loans to members, connecting our members for marketing platforms and developing our members' career goals. We take you away from the old generation method of running a co-operative society to the 21st century online internet banking system.

Our Vision

Would build generational wealth for individuals (families) and nations.

Our Mission

We can create generational wealth for our families and our country through a three-pronged approach of saving, investing, and compounding. By savings, investing in businesses, and letting the power of compounding work for us, we can build incredible financial empires.

Why Join Generational Wealth Rock

MAProvest Cooperative offers its customers a special opportunity to invest in the Digital asset business without needing a substantial preliminary financial investment in equipment or having any certain technology. Our team provide a safe & secure environment for member to begin Digital asset and also increase their lot of money without needing to spend for any unique arrangement or even execution expense which seemingly gives them complete control of the procedure without the necessity to be a components expert. When we founded MAProvest Cooperative, we envisioned creating a Financial Rock that would provide sustainable wealth for Africa's and across generations. We arrived at this goal through three primary strategies.


We Aims Building Wealth

with 3 strategies

Saving Smartly

At MAProvest Cooperative, we believe that you don't have to be rich to be wealthy. When your expenses are a smaller percentage of your income, your savings will go up. Our seminars and financial literacy blog will help you learn how to save smartly.

Investing Wisely

Good financial planning starts with a healthy investment mindset. Our three funds - Conservative, Balanced & Aggressive - give you an opportunity to match your personality and lifestyle to your risk level. Our intent is to invest in asset classes with a long-term risk-adjusted framework to compound wealth. We would not invest in what we do not have adequate experience, growing expertise,

Compounding Wealth

At MAProvest Cooperative, we believe in working hard to create wealth for our member. We focus on the science and art of compounding money, and persevere relentlessly in order to provide the best possible service. We also strive to be consistent in our approach, and committed to delivering top-notch returns on investment. We believe that this combination of traits is what will